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Surface burners are clicking even after the burner is on - Appliance tip of the week

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  • Surface burners are clicking even after the burner is on - Appliance tip of the week

    Appliance tip of the week.
    My surface burners keep "clicking" even after the burner is lit:

    There are a few things to check for. Make sure the electrode ( the small metal piece that the spark comes off from ) is clean and the holes in the burner are clean, use a pin or paper clip to clean out the burner holes and NOT a tooth pick as these can break off and make things worse. Example of a burner. The next thing to check for are the ignition switches under the surface control knobs, the switches can twist and break and keep the spark module on and the spark keeps "clicking" even when the burner is light. If every thing looks good, you may have a bad spark module, replace it. Sometimes cleaning can get moisture into the surface switches, try drying them with an hair dryer to see of this will help. Repair and checking tips for surface burners.


    I have a Kenmore Elite Gas range/oven. This morning I noticed the range top ignition was clicking all by itself every 15-30 seconds. I checked all of the knobs to assure they were off and they were. All burners including the oven light as normal but the ignition will not stop clicking.
    • It is now clicking every 2-3 seconds!
    • Does anyone have any suggestions?
    • P.S. I turned off the gas and electric until resolved.

    While previously cleaning the range control knobs, one of those switches got wet and was completing the circuit to the spark module causing it to fire off sparks. A little help from my wife's hair/blow dryer and were all fixed!
    Gas Range Grate Cleaning
    Q: What is the best way to wash your gas range surface grates? # of respondents - 100

    20% Buy new ones
    0% Run them in the d/w and let them air dry
    30% Wash in the sink and let them air dry
    10% Wash in sink and warm them in the oven
    39% Run them in the ovens self clean cycle
    1% Let someone else clean them

    One of the biggest problem with gas range surface grates has been rusting...that is where the "warm them in the oven" trick helps. You can soak the grates in your kitchen sink or run them through the d/w, but letting then "air" dry can result in rusting of the grates. After cleaning the grates, warm them ( just a few minutes will do ) in the oven at approx 200-250ºF, this will flash dry the grates and help prevent rusting. Do not run them in the self clean cycle.
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