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smell in Air Conditioner

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  • smell in Air Conditioner

    Posted By: myrah paul

    My AC is throwing out stinky air. Till last week it was fine but then it slowly started throwing stinky air and now its the limit it is so irritating that I am not using it. Please help. I have tried getting rid of it by opening the duct passage. But it did not affect much. Any suggestion please.

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    posted by: chrisb

    Check the drain pan and make sure the water is draining properly. The coils and pan could need a good cleaning.


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      posted by: airtrackinc

      First you need to locate the air conditioner?s condensation drain line. This is usually a plastic tube where the water drains out.
      Next remove the drain line and flush it thoroughly with a mixture of 25% bleach and 75% water to kill and remove the mold and mildew. Replace the drain line once it is dry.
      Now you need to find the drip pan which is going to be located near the heat exchange on your air conditioning. You want to remove this tray and clean it with hot, soapy water and a little of the bleach mixture. Replace the drip pan once it is dry.

      Another place to look for mold or mildew is the top of your air conditioning unit. You want to open it up and view the inside of it. Use a flashlight and inspect every area of the inside of your unit. Look for anything that would cause bad odor or smells. Remove any debris you find.

      Next you want to spray a foaming coil cleaner and allow it to sit for ten minutes or so. This spray will soften and loosen dirt, grime and oil.
      Now rinse off the the air conditioner unit with your water hose and continue to spray water through the a/c unit until all the foaming cleaner is removed.
      Lastly, make sure the air conditioner is dry and all the moisture is removed.


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        posted by: louiedonovan55

        It might be because of accumulated good or sludge from dust or dead insects. Check also your air duct, since that might be also one of the source of such smells. By the way, what kind of stinky smell you are experiencing? Anyway, you can also consult some HVAC professionals.


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          posted by: Feritz

          Their are several reason due to which a consumer have to face such kind of situations.Mostly a leak in the condensation drain pipe is the reason for that. You also needs to make sure that your air conditioner unit is mold free.


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            posted by: amberpeloe

            It only needs some cleaning. That's the usual sign that your AC is dirty.


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              posted by: hopelitten

              i agree, it may need cleaning. mildew will build up due to water or heat and causes a smell like wet clothes. you also have to make sure you are changing your air filters regularly so that the dust and other partials dont build up. you can find air filters here (URL remove by Moderator -- I'm sure they can find an air filter if they need one).